As an artist I speak the truth but not all the time.
I won’t adopt someone else’s words and tell you that they are my own.
I might enhance it but I won’t tell you how to live your life.
If you live your life blindly and affect others through your ignorance I will dislike you.
I can think but I can’t on your behalf.
I try to play the game but I don’t know the rules.
I like playing badminton for my club.
I want to be free from all pressures but I work well under them.
I want to be rich and famous without having to justify it on national television.
I often use the right words in the wrong order.
I don’t believe in God but he believes in me.
I am not a role model but I’d like to be a male model.
I like beautiful things but I also like ugly things.
I would like to be a hero without doing anything heroic.
I am often euphoric and often miserable but never euphoric when miserable.
I like shopping.
I like watching television.
I have always had a very vivid imagination.
I listen to music almost everyday and have done most of my adult life.
I don’t want to make music, I just want to enjoy it.
It took me until I was 40 years old to recognise that I was an intelligent person.
I have always had difficulty with words.
I want to earn money with what I can do with my mind, not what I can do with my hands.
I have always been good with my hands.
As an artist my life should be better.