• Mary and beyond

    Mary and beyond

    Don't panic!

    If you missed the show don't worry you can still enjoy the work in the privacy of you own home as I still have some pieces left for sale including some of my favourites from the Nemesis series.

    All original mixed media pieces.


  • 99 mary street

    99 mary street

    Great show, great space, great people

    A big thanks to all the good people of Sheffield who made it down to see the show and invest their hard earned cash in my work.

    I hope you enjoy the pieces for many years to come.

    See you again soon.




    Glam Rock Commemorative Stamps

    1st Class Glamourpuss - Eno

    2nd To None - Bolan

    Image size - 290mm x 305mm

    Paper size - 320mm x 350mm

    Available now in the print gallery

    Whilst stocks last!



    Glam Rock Commemorative Stamps

    2nd Class Citizen - Glitter

    1st Class Hero - Bowie

    Image size - 290mm x 305mm

    Paper size - 320mm x 350mm

    Available now in the print gallery

    Whilst stocks last!

  • Christmas cards

    Christmas cards

    No Frankensense - No Eye Dear

    Limited Edition Christmas cards.

    Prices are £2.00 each, or £8.00 for five.

    Contact through the web site for orders and shipping cost.


    Merry Christmas brother and sisters

  • Put some fucking clothes on

    Put some fucking clothes on


    No nipples on show!? - quite right too, as nipples are to blame for the third world debt, greedy politicians and global financial meltdown.

  • Hallo Kitty Idol

    Hallo Kitty Idol

    30x30 Halloween Special

    Halloween idol, sorry now sold - more along soon.

  • Paste Modernism

    Paste Modernism

    A good pasting

    Thanks to Ben Frost for his encouragement to submit some of my work to his Paste Modernism exhibition. Above are some of the images sent in the jumbo postal tube. Very much looking forward to seeing the 'pasted' article.

  • Mugshots


    Who's the mug here?

    New prints now available in the Print gallery, including these lovely Mugshots of the very guilty Kim & Kanye.

  • 30X30 Project

    30X30 Project

    Thank you

    A big thank you to all who supported the 30x30 project. Some of these images are now available to purchase in the 'Luxe' gallery and through the 'Print' page.


  • Bimbamboogie


    The idea is god!?

    Thanks to the good folks at bimbamboolife for the feature. Short, sharp and sweet, just how we like it.


  • Multiplicity


    Soon all relationships

    Multiplicity in the city.
    We can find you the perfect match.
    Same income, same colour, same ideology, same, same, same, shame.

  • Made In China

    Made In China

    Red star red

    More bits than bikes in Beijing.

    Homage, metaphor and endurance task.

    Peace out China. Full stop.

  • Mutiplicity


    Soon all fruit two

    Soon all fruit will be day-glow orange so you can find it in the dark.
    It may even emit a noise so we don't have to open our eyes.

  • ADSR


    How High

    How High is China man?

    If you say jump I say How High?


  • Made in China

    Made in China

    Coke adds Life

    Coke adds life where there isn't any, so.....

    Coming to street near you soon

  • Idols


    Talk politics

    Gold "lets get together and discuss how we can affect positive change"
    Jewel "Ah! fuck that shit, I'm all about control.
    Red "Yeah! fuck that I'm only in for the money"
    Gold "Oh! Ok, I guess I'll just go along with that then"

    When can I see more Idols? - Soon my son, soon.

  • Made in China

    Made in China

    Man whose brain was eaten by a dog

    Some days work and life remain in perfect clarity, some days you
    can't see the groove for the bamboo.

    At a calligraphy school in China I had an opportunity to learn how
    to write my name in Chinese. I asked the artist if he could do me
    a translation of NOIQ. After some thought he suggested a local
    saying, meaning someone with no sense...........

  • Multiplicity


    SOON ALL IDOLS - 2014

    Are there any limits to our invention? Is it possible to grow a religion,
    to manufacture an existence and re-imagine a past - of course! But
    more importantly why would we want to?

  • Made in China

    Made in China

    Movie Star - 2013

    Available tres soon a limited edition hand pulled screen print.

  • Made in China

    Made in China

    Movie Star - 2013

    Giclee print available now, limited edition hand pulled screen print available tres soon.

  • Made in China

    Made in China

    I've had a good look round - 2013

    When you investigate how other people interact or react to certain things, you must in turn look into that mirror to see how you react. Not always a pretty sight.

  • Lost in Space

    Lost in Space

    Oh! And we're not insured

    Well done to the people who stole the above work from the Forum show.
    I'd like to commend you on your excellent taste and your formidable
    donations to charity.

    Keep the faith as everything comes to those who deserve it the most.

  • Feeling good together?

    Feeling good together?


    A big thanks to Designers Republic for the coverage in their recent artzine Feeling Good Together.

    The interview is in the form of a series of abstract questions, the results of which can be viewed and downloaded at:-


    The good folks at Designers have also done a spanking redux version of Milk Milk Lemonade shown above -ta.

  • About the weather

    About the weather

    Raining Diamonds - 2013

    Agitate - vegetate - compromise

    Have you ever had just one of those days?

  • Made in China

    Made in China

    Bing Bing loves Gucci and NOIQ

    All the fashionable lads and lasses love NOIQ.

    A fabulous new collection looking for a new home.

  • Multiplicity


    Soon all Weapons

    Soon we will be able to supply every hungry child with an AK47 of their own.

    Patterns moulding the future.

    Soon your future will be your past.